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Deadstock Fabrics

Fabrics comes first in everything we do. At AMOODE, we have chosen deadstock fabrics as a way to uphold our sustainable principles.

We carefully selects high quality fabrics from leftover productions for our designs, all woven in Portugal. In stead of producing new fabrics, we make use what is already made.

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Aim for Longevity

Danish Design

Our designs are made to last. When creating designs we value classic references and wearable clothes. Made to use for all year - day to night. Which makes our designs transcend all seasons, and let our styles live a long life.

When possible, our designs are made in one-size, otherwise in few sizes.

Like One Of A Kind

Limited Editions

All our garments are created in limited numbers, which makes our styles unique. We do not mass produce, but carefully design and craft everything, to offer a special product.

By producing limited editions, our products not only gives off a true feeling of higher quality, but also encourages extra care for a longer life.

Crafted With Care

Produced in Portugal

All AMOODE styles are produced in Portugal. We have close cooporation and great communication with our suppliers, who have been approached with their high quality craftmanship in mind.

By producing in Portugal we not only ensure a short value chain, but encourage good conditions and rights for the employees.

Natural Fibers


When choosing materials, we prioritise comfort in our design, alongside easy wash and care, to ensure that our styles keep their shape and quality after repeated washes, and that your purchase stays comfortable to wear.

Our main three materials are cotton, linen, and tencel. We have chosen these three natural fibers, because they are considered renewable and biodegradable.

An Honest Journey


At AMOODE, we believe in an honest, transparent journey. We want to spread awareness about the industry. That is why we highlight our partners in stories, and show every step of a product's journey.

To us, the whole value chain is dependant on each other, and on the world around us.


Carefully Wrapped


We try to minimise our use of plastic. Our garments only use plastic when being transported to, and kept in safe condition in, our warehouse.

When wrapping our gifts, we use 100% recycled paper, with ribbons made of recycled PET-bottles, and plastic free paper bags, all FSC-certified, to keep sustainability in mind.