selection of deadstock fabrics to be transformed into beautiful designed shirts and dresses in portugal

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Every design starts with the selection of fabrics

Amoode is based on the use of deadstock fabrics making the design process different from the normal design of collections. 

When selecting fabrics it all starts with a love and feel for the possibilities in a small swatch. How the fabrics will drape define which type of design it can be developed into.


high quality fabrics from leftover production Portugal limited edition shirts and dresses


Amoode work closely together with a weaving factory in Portugal producing high quality fabrics mainly in cotton, linen and tencel fibers. By transforming their fabrics into loveable garments we are confident of the quality for the end product after years of wearing and washing, the garments will stay beautiful and in shape. 


This approach to design ensures that each garment is unique, with its own story to tell.


By using deadstock fabrics and creating limited edition collections, Amoode is able to offer you something truly special. Each piece is not just a beautiful garment, but also a statement about the importance of sustainability and individuality in fashion.


high quality fabrics making limited edition production in Portugal. the design proces shirts and dresses


The limited edition collections are a reflection of Amoode's commitment to quality and sustainability. By producing a limited number of pieces, we are able to create garments that are exceptional and unique. And because we use high-quality fabrics, each piece is built to last, ensuring that you can enjoy your Amoode garments for years to come.


Explore a selection of beautiful fabrics in our classic shirts

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