Meet the Shirt Maker: Alexandra

Meet the Shirt Maker: Alexandra

My long time partner in the business of fashion for more than 15 years, Alexandra and I have been creating both bestsellers and creative experiments for various companies, and now also for Amoode.

When starting Amoode, Alexandra was the first person I called, to ask if she would help me and join me on the development of my own brand, making slow fashion - and luckily she joined in.



Alexandra and her husband Hélder runs SPRING - a company creating shirts and dresses for high quality brands made from woven fabrics.

With more than 25 years of experience in the textile business, Alexandra knows how to juggle fabrics, fashion, and forecasts.

Production is made in-house and at local production facilities, overseen by Alexandra and her competent staff.




When designing new styles for Amoode, Alexandra and her team often has a saying in the developments. Their input on construction and optimisation is highly valued to create and make the best of the best.

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The Spring garment company is certified for numerous certifications including GOTS, and B-corp for their approach to people, planet and ressources. Alexandra and Spring works continuously on improving and optimising processes for a more sustainable production.



Besides producing your next favourite shirt and dress Alexandra has a passion for cooking, funky details, and custom-made jewellery




I asked Alexandra:


3 tips for experiencing Portugal?

As I'm Portuguese and I love my Country, we have beautiful cities but I must confess that Porto is all in all very special😊
It's more and more a very attractive city visited by people and the city has a lot to offer without loosing its simplicity and authenticity, people are who they are, very sincere and happy to be from Porto.
In terms of architecture, we have a lot to offer, going through Porto from one side to the other you will see the variety of beautiful buildings, the tiles everywhere in different colours and design are simply amazing. Porto's downtown is a sum up of everything.
Food and drinks – Lovely restaurants everywhere , its sometimes difficult to choose, modern, cozy, funny you can have the best experiences, but for a great experience would suggest the other side of the bridge where you can visit several caves, vinho Porto, for tasting Port wine and to not forget that you can enjoy the night having fun in lovely bars, discos -  Rua da Galeria Paris is a place to go, amazing environment 😊
Enjoying the Beach – While you are at the city you can also drive along the coast and find lovely beaches, enjoying beautiful sunsets while having a nice drink.


Describe the importance of garment making in Portugal

Our country has many years of textiles tradition, which grow generation after generation, and we can nowadays be proud that we made all a very good job as more and more brands are wanting to produce in Portugal. We are known for our quality 😊
We are trustfull and reliable, companies invested in modern systems and human resources to give their clients the most amazing services.
Also we can be very fast in delivery the goods since we are surrounded by good suppliers (fabrics, trimmings, laundry etc).


What do you look for in a nice shirt?

Good quality of fabric, fitting and finishing 😊


Favourite Amoode style?

I like many of the styles, but I love the Ava blouse. When I'm wearing it, I receive many compliments 😊


Ava shirt - available in 2 sizes




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