Limited edition handprinted T-shirts

Limited edition handprinted T-shirts

A special co-lab combining creativity and craft

Attending designmarkets i often meet Annemette from @nordic.papercut. She makes beautiful handmade paper cuts in a graphic yet soft expression. All cut by hand.


paper cuts made for t-shirt print. handmade and unique


They are as made for a t-shirt artwork. Using the artworks from @nordic.papercut I have handprinted a limited number of t-shirts. Using the AVIO TEE in organic cotton it's the perfect base for a soft and comfortable t-shirt. 


handprinted t-shirts in soft faded colours in organic cotton


From each paper cut I can print 3 t-shirts before the paper gets too wet. The print is made with ecru coloured pigment dye suitable for textiles which fixates naturally and can withstand wash and care.


 amoode colab with nordic papercut limited edition handmade t-shirts



Enjoy a glimpse behind the creative process of the co-lab of the process of the handprinted t-shirts using the handmade papercut as a stencil🧡



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