Clothes made to fit your mood

Fashionable styles made to last and designed to be worn and used, with a focus on easy, casual fitting. Designed for every day and night, summer and winter wardrobes, and can be styled in a way that matches your mood.

Shirt favourites for your wardrobe


    We believe leftovers from previous productions should not go to waste - we value deadstock fabrics as unique possiblities to create limited editions and exclusive high quality styles.


    We co-create together with our Portugese suppliers and manufacters to get the best results. Respect for opinions and the guidence of processes are important to improve the value chain and the products.


    Shipping within Europe and by truck seems obvious to us. We consider all freight costs and welcome digital solutions to avoid unnecessary handling.


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A vision to make things different.
To stand out and make small changes in the system of fashion.
Adapting to the mood of the year and to your style.
Fashion made to fit your mood.


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